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    President, Bio Clean Energy, S.A.

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    John Kaweske is the President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., a holding company with a variety of assets in the clean energy sector. He has decades of professional experience, particularly in the biotechnology sector, where he has continued to excel. He built the biodiesel company in Brazil in 2004, which allowed him to contribute to the development of new technologies in clean energy. Throughout his time working at the President for Bio Clean Energy, S.A., John Kaweske has negotiated and closed loans with four banks in Brazil for capital expenditures and working capital. In addition, he also has worked to plan all the aspects of his company since its inception, from choosing the site to financial management and production. In May 2018, Bio Clean Energy, S.A. won a $36 million biodiesel supply contract from Bolivian Government oil companies. The experience that John Kaweske has gained in the last 11 years has provided him with a wealth of experience, strategic insight, and technical knowledge. John also runs his own consulting firm, John Kaweske & Associates, to help clients determine the best route for their biodiesel facility.

  • About John Kaweske & Associates

    John Kaweske & Associates is an independent biodiesel consulting firm that has built its reputation by assisting clients who manage a biodiesel facility. His expertise allows him to provide various services to his clients, beginning with engineering & plant services. In this stage, John works personally with the facility to make any necessary updates to the technologies being used to ensure that your company gains a technological advantage to competition. The second service is financial modeling. John Kaweske uses his industry’s knowledge to create a financial model that not only works for his client’s facility, but can help them secure the finances needed to be successful. Additionally, John Kaweske & Associates offers market studies, which allows John to do an analysis of the current market. He examines the opportunities and challenges that a biodiesel fuel facility would face, and helps them create the best strategy using the market study.

  • Professional Experience

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    Bio Clean Energy, S.A.

    • Originated and managed a biodiesel company in Brazil and developed new technologies in the clean energy sector.
    • Successfully negotiated and closed Venture Capital funding from a premier fund in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


    Grace Investments

    • Managed a portfolio in excess of 200 million dollars for private individuals as well as for numerous foundations.

    Managing Director

    Cardinal Capital Management, Inc

    • Responsible for firms Investment Banking department.
    • Formulated business plans for start-up companies.
    • Funded start-up, early stage and growth companies.
  • Expertise

    Venture Capital


    Renewable Energy

    Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Honors

    Jeb Bush Appointee, Florida Development Finance Corporation


    $36 million biodiesel supply contract, Bolivian Government oil companies


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