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Relaxing During Meditation

By John Kaweske

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Our minds are always restless, and our bodies are always fidgety. We must control our thoughts and keep our minds focused on the present to prevent them from wandering. Practicing meditation can help us accomplish this.

Practicing meditation can help us focus on the present and explore the inner states of our being.

The importance of staying focused during meditation

One of the most important factors people must consider when it comes to meditation is staying focused on the present. If they cannot keep focused on the current, they will not be able to experience inner peace. According to Kriyananda, everyone should practice meditation to find peace.

Meditation is intense awareness that allows one to focus on the present instead of the past. It will enable one to avoid being distracted by the endless parade of projects and problems that life throws.

To improve one’s focus during meditation, I have identified effective strategies that will help you do so. Some of these include: removing physical tension, praying, increasing one’s meditation period, raising one’s eyes, taking one breath at a time, and asking for concentration.

Concentrate Without Physical Tension

Many new to meditation try to focus more deeply by keeping their muscles tense. However, deep concentration can only be achieved in a state of relaxation.

Relax the body

One of the most effective ways to improve one’s concentration during meditation is by relaxing the body. This can be done by taking a deep breath and then releasing the tension from the whole body. According to Yogananda, one should also practice regular breathing before meditation.

Begin by inhaling slowly and counting to twelve. Keep holding your breath for the same number of counts as you focus on the point between your eyebrows. Practice six to nine more rounds as you continue with meditation.

Stay still

The slightest movement of your body can send energy and life force into your muscles. Since yoga is about bringing awareness and pointing inward, physical activities can reduce one’s effort. To avoid fidgeting while practicing, keep your body as a rock.

Focus on breathing

Practicing meditation and yoga can help one improve concentration and focus. Both of these types of practices involve taking deep breaths, which can help release the tension in the body and bring forth beneficial prana.

Pray for concentration

One of the most critical factors that one should consider when practicing meditation is having the support of their whole being. This can be done through prayer and dedication.